Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai – 438 Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai - 438 Episode
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai – 438 Episode

Yrkkh today’s episode is very interesting Naira tries to call Kartik, Naqsh asks whether Kartik is attending her call. A moment later the Goenka family reaches the Singhania house. Everyone is shocked and Naira is also a bit scared to see everyone. The Goenka’s start to inquire about Kairav. Badi Dadi will tell them that Kairav is playing outside along with the neighbor’s kids.

Kartik’s Dadi will confront Naira and asks her what she is doing with them and why. There are not many days left in her life and why Naira is hurting them all along. Naira says she is not trying to hurt anyone. In fact, she is doing what is righteous. She should have come back after some years passed. She says she is not taking Kairav away from them forever. But until and unless she stays a bit away from Kartik, Vedika and he will never get close to each other. She has promised this to Vedika and the Goenka family also should understand her situation. Everyone starts arguing there.

Manish will ask Naira why does she always make all decisions herself. Did Bhagwan give you all the rights to make decisions for everyone? Naira will try to explain to him but Manish will not listen and keep on confronting her. She has already made Kartik a living dead and she is taking revenge from the family by taking away Kairav from them.
Naqsh will intervene and say that Naira has never hurt anyone she always keeps on sacrificing for others. She has gone through a lot. Singhanias support Naira along with Naqsh. Naira will leave the house to find Kartik so that she can explain everything. Chhoti Dadi and Naqsh try to not to find Kartik as there is no need. They are anyways going to leave by evening flight.

Kartik and Naira come face to face at Singhania’s house after Kairav is asleep. Kartik will say that Naira has made his case strong by doing all this. He will hand her Kairav’s custody papers. Singhania family gets shocked and Kartik says that he will fight for his son in court. In the flashback we will get to see that the lawyer says to Kartik not to worry, Naira has made it easy for him after sending divorce papers and without his permission, none can take away his son from him.

Tomorrow’s episode we will get to see that Naira requests Naqsh that they should win the case anyhow. Also Manish consoles Kartik.


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