Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai – 436 Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai - 436 Episode
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai – 436 Episode

Vedika is about to jump but Naira stops her from doing so and saves her life. Naira asks her if she has gone mad and what is she trying to do. Vedika replies if Naira is not ready to move out from Kartik and Vedika’s love story she thought she should end her life and finish it, atleast Naira and Kartik would be happy that way. She starts to cry. Naira feels very bad and she holds Vedika and takes her home. She takes her to Goenka house. Vedika says she thought she is Kartik’s wife but Nair came in between and everything ruined.

Vedika receives an envelope of Kartik-Naira’s divorce papers. Naira says that this is the solution of every problem that we are facing. Vedika says thank you and goes in the house. While Naira’s taxi gets broke while she is going home back. She is sitting in the crying very much and remembers her moments with Kartik. She reaches Singhania House. She goes to Badi Dadi and rest on her lap. Dadi asks what happened. Naira tells her everything about Vedika and her divorce with Kartik. Vedika is worried that Naira understood her but how will Kartik react on all this. He might get angry. And she might completely lose him in all this.

Naira requests the hospital to give her a letter stating Kairav’s wellbeing and that she can take him along with her out of Udaipur. The hospital agrees for the same. Naira asks it to send her at Singhania house. Badi Dadi, Chhoti Dadi and Naqsh are worried for Naira. Badi Dadi says that Naira is leaving so soon again and she they would go with her and she is not alone. Naqsh says that they should leave before Kartik gets to know about this. Naira says she will let Kartik about this. Everyone shocks to hear this. Hospital sends her message about the Kairav’s fitness and sent an email copy to Kartik.

Kartik reads the email and gets shocked. Dadi also reads the message. Everyone gets shocked. Manish reads the email and gets very angry. He says is Naira gone mad. When she was here she wanted to go to Singhania house and now she wants to go somewhere else. Naira says that she does not want to ruin someone’s marriage life that’s why she will take Kairav and leave everyone alone. Surekha says there is some confusion and they should talk to Naira.

Everyone consoles Naira that she should not worry and they are with her. Naira says she will make this right and divorce Kartik. Kartik gets his divorce papers signed by Naira in his car and gets frustrated and drives very fast. Naira gets Kayu’s call and is tensed also Vedika thinks whether Kartik will sign divorce papers.


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