Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai – 435 Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai 435 Episode
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai 435 Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata today’s episode the viewers wil get to see Kartik and Naira will take Kairav for the admission in the school. Nair will ask Kartik why did the management didn’t inform her about the admission and instead informed Kartik about the same. She needs to confirm the same about the school management. She starts to ask a lot of questions to Kartik. Kartik says he has filled up her Name, contact Number and other details as the contact person in the admission form Otherwise he would not have asked her to get along for the admission if he was thinking otherwise.

Kartik and Naira start to argue on the same. Kairav asks his parents not to argue in front of him and that they should stop arguing. He wants to practice about his interview for the admission. Do all parents are like this when they ask the children to not fight and quarrel but they always keep on fighting themselves. He acts as if he is very sad about this behavior. Kartik stops the car and tries to explain Kairav. But suddenly Kairav starts laughing and Kartik says that however he is right that we are going for his admission aand yet we are fighting. Today is a new beginning and that our child is going to a new school, and they head towards the school.

Meanwhile in the Goenka house, Dadi asks Suwarna about Vedika’s whereabouts. Suwarna has also not seen her since morning. The Guard at gate informs them that Vedika has left the house in the morning in her car. She was very upset and left the house in very hurry. Dadi gets tensed listening to this and says Suwarna where did Vedika left in such anger, she wonders if Vedika left for Singhania house. Suwarna says she will check on her whereabouts. In Singhania hosue everyone is having breakfast and Vedika reaches there. Vedika asks Badi Dadi about Kartik, she says that he went out along with Naira and Kairav.

Vedika gets worried after listening this. Kartik and Naira reach school, she gets to know that because Kartik used to do a lot of donations to the school. Naira requests the teacher that she should follow the process of admission anayways. Kairav does very well in the interview. The teacher is very impressed and praises the parents of taking good care of him. Kairav says that his parents are the best. Here at Singhania house Vedika is waiting for Kartik. Everyone is worried what would happen next and that will Naira be held responsible for this.

Vedika gets very angry seeing Kartik and Naira together when they reach the Singhania house. Kairav says Vedika that he has got admission. Vedika says to Kartik that she needs to talk. Kartik says yes they should go home and talk. Vedika shouts she needs talk right there. Naira and all the members go all inside and leave them to talk. Vedika asks Kartik when will all this stop. She has supported him but he does not even care about her. Naira listens to all this in the other room. Kartik asks Vedika to go to the house and they can discuss all this. Vedika is not ready to go home and she needs his time.

Vedika asks why she is getting all this to bear. Kartik says he was not aware that his ex-wife will back into his life and that he has child. Kartik says he is doing all this for his child and not for Naira nor for Vedika. Kartik says that he is not ready to be in this marriage. Naira listens all this and is very sad about it. Kartik gets very shocked and Naira is also feeling very sad. Vedika leaves and gets to car Naira follows her. She realizes that she has forgotten the car keys and starts walking. Naira is following her and Vedika is running somewhere. Vedika gets to somewhere at a peak and is about to jump. Naira holds her hand and saves her. Follow the page for more updates from upcoming episodes.


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