Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai – 428 Episode  18 Sept 2019

yeh rishta kya kehlata hai episode no 428
yeh rishta kya kehlata hai episode no 428

The Episode starts with Surekha asking Akhilesh to please say that this is a lie and swear on the children. She cries and says she will never ask him for anything just say that it’s not like this. Akhilesh says sorry, Surekha faints. Suwarna tries to hold her. Suwarna and Gayu sprinkle some water on Surekha’s face. Dadi asks Akhilesh to leave the house. Akhilesh says he begs her not to kick him out of the house. He did a mistake and is sorry. Suwarna says he cheated everyone and this girl, and that he doesn’t respect women. He says it is his mistake that he couldn’t stop himself. Dadi says she don’t need any explanation. She kicks Akhilesh out of her house.

Liza says she should have gone to Goa then this would have not happened at all. Many relations ended today and she is very sorry. Samarth asks did they both know about this. Kartik says Naira got to know and then she told him, they were thinking how to tell everyone. Naira says they were scared for Surekha. Kartik says Naira also went to meet Liza in the morning. Naira says I stopped her but I didn’t know this will happen. Manish says the outcome would be same as always. Surekha says don’t know they would have believe or not if they told us. Naira is sorry. Suwarna says it’s not her mistake. She has done right. Dadi says what we should do when our family member is wrong. Kartik sees Manish crying, Naira consoles Dadi and Vedika looks on.Suwarna starts to pray to Bappa.

Vedika says Naira is not helpless to stay in this city and thank God she has an option. She can take Kairav far so that he doesn’t learn all this and hopes Nair understands. Naira tries to think of Vedika’s words. Kartik asks her to talk Naira says she don’t want to talk. He asks her to listen. Naira says don’t come after her. He says he does not want to run after her, Kairav’s doctor called, his reports are ready, she should think as his mum. She asks if everything will be fine.

Kartik says his laptop is in the room they have to go there and see. Naira stops at the door and recalls her marriage. Kartik asks her to come in the room. Kartik sees her and also recalls their sweet moments. The report is downloading on the laptop. She says the Wifi network is useless. Kartik says its fine but the hospital’s site is slow. He says he will see the reports and talk to doctors. He says it’s useless to talk to her. They check Kairav’s report and smile and hug each other. Kartik says their child is fine. They start to dance happily and Vedika comes that way. Kartik and Naira hug each other and he says Kairav is fine.

His phone starts riniging, Kartik and Naira get away. Vedika comes to room and sees them talking to doctor. Doctor asks if the saw the report. Kartik says their child is fine now, Doctor confirms. Naira thanks the doctor. Vedika smiles and goes, she says that it is good news for all. Kairav is fine then Naira will take him away and Kartik and her married life will get fine. Kartik says they should give good news to everyone. Naira says that Surekha is much worried. Kartik says she was asking for Kairav’s reports. He has to tell everyone, he will thank Bappa first. Naira recalls Vedika’s words.


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