YRKKH 29th November 2019 Upcoming Story on serialtalk.com

The last episode we saw that Akshat has kidnapped Kairav and Naira, Kartik and Vedika are there to rescue him out. Akshat throws him off the bridge but Kairav is hanging on a tree. Vedika gets off the bridge and tries to rescue out Kairav. Naira sees Vedika and Kairav hanging off the bridge and she shouts. Akshat hears her voice and figures out that Kairav is still alive. Kartik and Naira run to save Kairav and Vedika, they save them both.

Kartik runs after Akshat and chases him. He catches Akshat and then they fight. Naira thrashes him with a stick. Kartik is about to fell as he is getting tired and can’t see anything. Naira catches him and calls out Vedika and others.

Kartik opens his eyes and then they start having moments and get close to each other. Vedika sees them like that and does not feel ok. Samarth has reached home along with Kairav. The police follow Akshat. Vedika asks if Kartik and Naira are ok and then she checks on Kartik. She says thank you Naira aapne bhi mere husband ko bachata.


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