YRKKH 27th November 2019 Upcoming Story on Serialstalk.com

Today’s episode is very interesting where Kartik is about to reveal his feelings to Naira, but Vedika overheard the conversation. Kartik says he loves Naira and he can’t live without her and there is nothing in his life. She hugs him when Kartik asks whether she loves him and says yes. Kartik takes her in his arms and suddenly Kartik realizes it is his daydream. He then actually goes to Naira and says I love you and repeat his feelings to her and says he wants to live now with her.

He tells all the things he had in his heart and wants to know what Naira thinks about all this. Vedika heard the conversation and calls out for Kartik and says she needs to talk to her and its very urgent. Vedika asks Naira as well and says she wants to talk to everyone today. Vedika calls everyone from the family, everyone asks what’s wrong and she can tell them and close out the things. Vedika says she has hidden something from everyone and then she shows her engagement along with Akshat’s picture to everyone.

Vedika tells the truth and says Akshat and I were engaged. She says how Akshat manipulated them and how things fall apart. Vedika says that she started to love Kartik a lot and decided to marry Kartik and wanted to live happily. Then she tells how he came back harassing her and how she threatened her. She asks for everyone’s forgiveness. Naira comes and says that Vedika is not faulty and everyone’s else’s fault more and she defends Vedika.


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