YRKKH  26thnd November 2019 Upcoming Story on Serialstalk.com

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai today’s episode starts where Kartik is intensely looking at Naira in the Vansh’s birthday party. Kartik is remembering all the moments he had with Naira. He gives her a Kachori, the kids take them on the dance floor and request them to dance together. Kartik is still in the happy moments he is remembering. He carefully is stalking Naira in a way. He is not able to control himself, he talks gibberish to Kairav. Kairav says he will pray to god that his wish comes true.

A kid comes to Kartik dressed as a tiger and Kartik gets very emotional seeing him, he gives him a chocolate. He asks Krishnaji whether he knows what is there in his life, tricks or treat. He is still admiring Naira in whatever she is doing in the party, along with romantic background music. Kartik is clear that Naira is his and that’s the answer. He thinks she was always mine but I was confused all the time. He says this frog is always yours. Vedika is searching constantly for Akshat, he comes at the party and says he will be leaving. The family requests him to stay a bit but he leaves.

Kartik suddenly gets a reality check that what Vedika will think about all his feelings. He thinks he is getting selfish, and says he does not love Vedika and cannot live with her. He loves Naira and will always love her. All the Kaira flashbacks cherish him, he says he will not live without her anymore. Vedika is saying all things about Akshat, Kartik is going to her to tell what he feels about Naira. Kartik says sorry to Vedika, she asks the reason but he says that I will tell you and its nobody’s fault but I am feeling guilty for all this. Kartik arranges a theme for Naira and proposes to her , Vedika listens all this from behind.


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