Kartik is worried and is feeling really low and having breathing problems but denies to consult a doctor. Akshat blackmails to tell everyone the truth about him and Vedika, Naira overheards everything but acts as if she didn’t heard anything. Naira doubts about Vedika and Akshat. Kairav had a nightmare that someone is taking him away. Naira consoles him and puts him to sleep. Akshat plans to kidnap Kairav.

Kairav plans to surprise Vansh on his birthday he feels bad about it. Gayu feels bad about it, Samarth explains her that everyone is so busy we should not complain about trivial things. Kairav plans everything about the surprise party of Vansh’s birthday. Kartik requests Akshat to stay till Vansh’s birthday party and then he may go. Kartik and Naira are getting close again while preparing for party.


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