Vedika is back and she hugs and asks for forgiveness to Kartik, which feels a bit off for Naira. Kartik questions her at the house and everyone wants to know what happened to her. Vedika tells them a self-made story about her kidnapping, Naira doubts. Naira wants to know the motive behind the kidnapping. Vedika thanks Naira, Naira introduces the strange man that helped her finding Vedika.

Everyone thanks him(Akshat) for helping Naira find out Vedika. Everyone asks Akshat to stay at home and Vedika is frightened with the thought as what is going on in his mind. Kartik and Naira spend some beautiful moments in the room, Kartik thanks her. Dadi asks for apologies to Naira and Vedika. Naira doubts Akshats intentions.


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