In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai we will get to see that the police has arrested Kartik on suspect of kidnapping/killing Vedika. Police interrogates Kartik about Vedika’s whereabouts. Kartik answers all the questions with honesty and tells the truth. Police starts searching the Goenka house and they find Vedika’s passport at the residence. Kartik requests to search for Vedika instead of blaming anyone for her. Naira feels guilty after the police reads out Vedika’s diary where she mentions that Kartik has changed after Naira has entered his life, and it doesn’t matter to him anymore whether she as his wife is present or not.
Naira leaves for the police station and Kartik worries about what will happen if Kairav gets to know about all this mess. Naira reaches police station but there are lot of press outside the station and hence to avoid any further controversy Manish asks her to leave as it would only worsen the situation more. Kartik says I am not worrying about anything except what Kairav will think. Naqsh comes to Naira and says Kairav is not feeling well and he has caught fever. Kairav asks where is Kartik and he wants to go only with Kartik to the hospital. Naqsh takes him to the hospital anyways. They get to the hospital Pallavi treats Kairav and says he is ok now. Kartik requests the inspector to make a call, the police deny the request to do so. Kartik says sorry and asks to call and ask about Kairav’s health. Samarth comes to Kartik and says that Kairav was not feeling well but he is all good now.
Manish comes back home and says that we cannot bail out Kartik and it is very difficult now to get the bail as the opposition’s case is becoming very strong. Naira says she will do anything to bring the evidence to support Kartik’s innocence. Naira goes to the hotel where Vedika was staying and starts to inquire and check the CCTV footage and questions the hotel staff. Kartik is worried about Vedika. Naira founds some hints when she checks the CCTV footage of the hotel.


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