In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai we will get to see that Kairav has wilfully accepted Kartik and they cut the cake along with Naira. Naira asks everyone to dance as this is Milanwali Diwali. Everyone enjoys the orchestra. Meanwhile Vedika tries to call Kartik but he doesn’t receive the call. Gayu says what will happen when Vedika will be back and Naira is also tensed with the same thought. Kairav asks Kartik and Naira to sign another deal infront of bhagwaanji. Kairav takes Kartik and Naira thumb impressions on his mini deal. Vedika is tensed and desparately wants to talk to Kartik.

Everyone starts to dance and Kartik and Naira get close to each other while dancing. Vansh asks Kartik  for his phone for clicking photos, Kartik gets call from Vedika. He receives the call, Vedika says something and Kartik is very shocked he asks her where is she. Kartik says she wants to meet him at the hotel Taj Maharaja. Naira and Kartik asks why she is not at home even if she returned why isn’t she home. Naira insists Kartik to meet him but he is adamant not to meet her. Kartik explains she should not get tensed and she is not the reason for this to get exaggerated. Kairav asks Naira to sleep along with Kartik, Kartik tries to convince him to sleep separately with Naira. He says he is going to meet Vedika in the morning and Naira should not be tensed.


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