Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode starts with Mishti stating I will make him apologize. Abir comes. She states Abir…did you read my letter. He says yes. He asks why did you come here. She asks why are you speaking like this, what’s written in the letter. He says you’ve come to show your greatness, enough, I can not live with this anger and hatred. She inquires did my read my letter or not. He says yes, I read. He tears the letter and goes. Dono ke taye kiya tha…plays… Abir goes. Parul looks on and believes to Speak to Abir. Nanu asks Parul to come and assist him. Mishti leaves. Dil mera yeh tod ke….plays….

Nanu says relation is created by love, not blood, that is why I have begun to take assistance from you, not Meenakshi, all of us know about Kunal’s pain, we’re with him, I’m worried for Abir, I wish to know why did Abir breakup with Mishti, when I learnt that Mishti’s alliance has become fixed, I’ve seen Abir’s sorrow, I understand you’re concerned for your son, I would like you to speak to Abir. He goes. She thinks like Kunal is Meenakshi’s son, same manner Abir is my son. She says I can not tell anyone until I figure out. Vishwamber comes home and asks for Mishti. He says I’ve given her much time, I was proud that she picked Abir, now I m sad that she did not pick Nishant, my love fell short.

Mishti comes and says I’m lacking something, I do not deserve this household. I m blessed for you all and Nannu, I used to have a bad dream that you will leave me one day, but that bad fantasy stopped coming because of your love, I do not deserve you , I know you know what is good for me, if Nannu is prepared for this regard, I won’t deny. Nannu looks on. She says that his decision is my decision. Vishwamber hugs her. She sees Nannu. He smiles. She says I’ll change and come. She goes crying. Yeh rishte the….plays… She thinks of Abir. Nannu comes and inquires are you nice, you went to meet Abir. She says I’m not fine, everything is amazing. Abir thinks of Mishti’s words. Jugnu inquires Abir did you meet her, we will play Garba. Abir shouts on him.

Jugnu goes. Abir says sorry Jugnu. Parul asks how can you speak to Jugnu like that. Abir says he was bothering me. She asks what is the matter. Meenakshi says Abir is like me, he had been playing guitar, he does not like disturbances. She sends Parul to clean her room. Abir goes. Mishti says I don’t have any personal relation with Abir. Nannu asks why did you say yes to Vishwamber. She says I’m tired of taking wrong decisions, I hope Vishwamber the most, you tell me, is that this union right when there’s not any love, but only friendship. He says there’s hope, my love will be possible. She asks your love. He says its a guarantee that we won’t hurt each other, our love story will not have any misunderstanding, I solved a major riddle today. He jokes. She smiles. He states , will you marry me.

Vishwamber and Rajshri come. Vishwamber asks Rajshri to do something. Parul cleans Meenakshi’s room. She states how did not Babu ji see that Abir did not forget Mishti. She thinks of Meenakshi’s condition. She sees the golden pot and states for whom is this, I must just consider Abir, Jugnu would be understanding, what occurred between Mishti and Abir. Kuhu says its terrible news. Varsha says its great news in the household, we would like to maintain tilak rasam. Kuhu says more fees for the function. Varsha says sure. Abir comes and says new contract… Kuhu says , employees problem, but I will manage. He says I’ll come and help, I’m not busy. She believes how to tell that this is for Mishti and Nanchak’s rasam. He says I do not wish to remain at home, please Kuhu. She says okay.

Rajshri makes Mishti wear the chunri. Kehti hai ye hawa….plays… Abir regrettably drives. Kuhu sees him. Abir imagines Mishti. Mishti imagines Abir and yells. Jasmeet and Nannu come to Mishti. Jasmeet gets earrings for Mishti. Mishti touches her toes. She says I wanted to have Nannu married to the woman of my choice, I felt much awful, but I’m not a bad man, Nannu is my son, I love him a lot, never break his heart. Mishti nods. Jasmeet says remain happy. Nannu smiles. Jasmeet goes. Nannu says Jasmeet is not a dragon Saas, she will not turn into a villain in your lifetime. Mishti thinks of Abir’s words. She says I can shatter or evidence that I’m not so weak, my family does not deserve this, I will stay happy.


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