Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode starts with Vishwamber stating Abir won’t return, I’m hurt seeing your pain, if Abir comes back until tomorrow, then fine, else your tilak will occur tomorrow. He goes. Mishti prays. Jugnu says I will tell Abir, he is going to be happy. Parul asks Jugnu to wash Abir’s room. He says sorry, I will go and get it. She says something dropped from your pocket. He says its my letter. Nidhi makes it and asks what is this. He says its mine, personal. Nishi says I’ll see what is inside. He says no, you can not read anyone’s letter, its my GF’s letter. He runs. Parul and Meenakshi see him. Meenakshi believes what happened to Jugnu. Abir comes home. Jugnu falls over Kunal. Kunal says eliminate Jugnu. Abir gets a message. He throws his phone and runs to Kunal. Jugnu says sorry. Kunal goes. Nanu asks where were you moving. Parul asks is Kunal fine. Abir says yes, I’m going to rest. Jugnu says no.

Kuhu deals with vendor. Mishti says don’t understand where is Abir. Kuhu asks what are you doing here. Mishti asks did you see Abir. Kuhu says your connection is getting fixed with Nannu. Mishti says nothing is fixed until I speak to Abir, Nannu asked me to say yes for union. Kuhu says that you don’t love him. Nanu says I must speak to Abir. Jugnu claims that letter is imp, I want to talk. Abir asks what. Nidhi says Jugnu includes a GF, Phaguniya, she’s written a love letter . Jugnu signs Abir. He goes. Abir states Maasi should go and provide green tea to Kunal. Parul says no. He asks her not to be scared, she did not do anything wrong, Kunal knows the truth, he is not accepting it. Jugnu asks Abir to come and speak to him, else his garments will get stolen . Abir asks what. He believes did Mishti come here. Nanu inquires Abir what did he consider Mishti. Abir says I’ll know after talking to Jugnu.

Kuhu says I’m a specialist about loveless marriage. Mishti asks why did not you inform me before. Kuhu says its not about me or you, its about Nanchak. Mishti says Abir taught me these relationships are thoughts, love relations are celebrated to reside, Abir educated me accepting love, I can not accept that Abir does not love me, he loves me. She goes crying. Dil mera….plays… Nannu believes she loves him, why would she say yes . Varsha gets pasta. He asks is mother upset with me. She asks him to have breakfast. She says you need to marry your very best friend, but Jasmeet believes Mishti loves Abir. He says mom is not content with my decision. She states but I’m happy, Mishti was content with Abir, she seems at peace when she’s with you. He smiles.

Kunal comes to his room and sees the decorations. Kuhu clicks pics. She says sorry, actually, customers ask for anything, they requested for Suhaagraat mattress pics. Kunal says I thought I left and you started observing. She says out time for now. Kunal comes to her. Parul comes there. Jasmeet asks Nannu to deny for the union. He asks do you want to pick from my side, Mishti did not say yes, it means she’s a big fool. She insists. He states Vishwamber did not ask us for anything, its very first time he requested something, so I’m thinking, you ask, thanks to the juice. Kunal says I wish I could take some time out from life. Kuhu sees Parul and says wow, you have the tea, for me or Kunal. Kunal says I do not need to drink. She says she’s your mum. He states please Kuhu. Parul says you have it Kuhu, Kunal that is your area, I will go, you do not need to go. She goes.

Kunal says you took some time out, do not fight with me now, what will you do if any woman randomly tells that she’s the mum, will you hug her, how. Kuhu says no, if she’s my fav green tea, I would have taken that, you consider it. Jugnu goes to the patio. The letter falls by the fan atmosphere. Jugnu runs. Abir asks what happened. Jugnu claims that letter dropped down. They search for the letter. Jugnu says Mishti came here at night to meet you, I was going to tell you but Meenakshi was in front, so that I could not say. Abir thanks him hugs. Jugnu states Mishti also thanked me, I’m happy for the two of you. Abir sees the letter. Meenakshi plays the sitar. Abir reads the letter…. I never imagined we’ll get away, you asked me when I could fight for my love, you said you won’t forfeit your love, why not agree that I can not fight more, I’m with Nishant, I’ve already won with him, why shall I struggle in my life can get easy, I’m happy with him.

Meenakshi remembers hearing Jugnu and heading to alter the letter. She receives Mishti’s letter and reads it. She retains other letter. She burns the letter. Abir cries. Meenakshi says Mishti, your story got burnt, you may never arrive in Abir’s life. Mishti sees Abir. She’s at the gate. She sees Meenakshi also. She says I will find an answer from you, my family lost their peace, I’m giving last opportunity to our love, you need to decide. She receives a call. Jugnu says I gave your letter to Abir, he would be studying it. Mishti asks really. She believes why is not Abir happy. She says I m beyond the house. He says I’ll tell Abir. Parul looks on. Mishti thanks Kanha ji.




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