Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2nd January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode starts with Mishti stating Abir did that due to Kunal. Nannu says how many explanations will he get. She says our connection is complicated. He says our connection is straightforward, we’re best buddies, Abir is not here, I’m here, we could spend our lives together, think about it. He goes. Kuhu talks on telephone. Abir hears her. Kuhu says Nanchak and Mishti have no match, Mishti does not even love him. She turns and sees Abir. Abir states Nishant and Mishti… Kuhu says nothing is final. Abir says congrats. Kuhu says I do not like it. He says you’ll be habitual to it in couple of days. She asks and you…. He wears his glasses and goes. Mishti comes within the house and calls Abir. Rajshri feeds her candies. Jasmeet does not smile.

Abir packs his garments. Din lage yaar…. .plays…. Abir thinks of Mishti and cries. Mishti thinks of Abir and cries. Vishwamber cries. Nanu stops Abir. Meenakshi and Parul appear on. Parul asks where are you going. Abir says we thought to go for bros night. Kunal says we will come. Nanu says we’ll meet at main gate in 10 mins. Vishwamber asks pandit to start preparation for Tilak, Nishant and Mishti’s relation is fixed. Rajshri asks what are you thinking, tell me. Nanu states I know what you’re thinking. Abir acts normal. Nanu eliminates the glasses and sees his tears. Abir says its due to smoke. Nanu jokes. Vishwamber states Mishti and Nishant’s tilak will occur, I understand Mishti will agree to me, I feel helpless facing Mishti. Rajshri says Mishti loves you more than Akshara.

He states this tilak will occur else I will believe the love has fallen short, you won’t get into this. She worries believing what will Mishti decide. Abir says Mishti did wrong by telling truth to Mishti, I can not do anything. Nanu says I wish to break your mind, you do not become Meenu’s son, but my donkey, do not turn into a loser, its own evaluation, get up. Abir says I m up. Nanu says become angry young guy like me, visit Mishti and apologize to her, tell her that you can not hear sad songs more, if she says she’s moved on, return to me like a guy, Kunal and I will wait for you. Abir smiles.

Varsha comes and says Jasmeet is prepared to think about the alliance, did you speak to Mishti. Rajshri says no. Varsha states Mishti and Nannu are not here. Rajshri says Mishti is not with him, she’s sleeping inside, we understand Nannu, he’s really good. Abir hears them. Rajshri says I can not believe that Abir abandoned Mishti, I believe he will return and apologize. Varsha asks what will you tell him if he comes. Rajshri says it’ll be Mishti’s decision, if I feel so, then how would Mishti feel. They go. Abir says decision is yours Mishti, but I’d like you to select me. He goes to see. He sees cushions in her place. Jugnu gets his uniforms back. He looks for the burglar. He sees Mishti and asks her to go, there’s a thief around.

She says I’m that good mannered burglar, sorry, will you give this letter to Abir. He says fine, he went out with Kunal and Nanu, I will give it to Abir when he comes back. Abir calls him and asks did your clothes get stolen. Jugnu sees Meenakshi and says no…. He makes an excuse and goes. Mishti says dear Abir, I never regarded as formal and write a letter to you, I never believed that we’ll get away. Abir leaves. Mishti comes home. Abir believes Mishti does not love me today. Mishti believes will we ever meet.

Its dawn, Meenakshi comes to Maheshwari house. She says I’ve come here to meet your loved ones. Mishti asks why. Meenakshi asks her to keep her gaze and voice low. Vishwamber and Rajshri come. Meenakshi says in the event you’ve mended Mishti’s alliance, why did she come to give love letter for Abir, she came to my home and gave this to servant. Vishwamber asks is this true. Mishti asks why did you come here. Meenakshi scolds Mishti. Mishti wakes up from the dream. She sees the time and states Rajshri said morning fantasies turn accurate, no… if anyone else gets that letter afterward…. I must discover if Abir read that letter. Rajshri comes and asks did you go out at night, become my Mishti and tell me what are you thinking.

Mishti believes how will I tell you. She says Vishwamber reported a huge thing, he had time to think, but I don’t have any time. Rajshri asks do you want to return to Abir. Mishti says Abir educated me meaning of love. Rajshri says I understand, I adored Abir like a mother, he had won my heart like a son. Mishti asks do you despise him. Rajshri says no, it’s challenging to have hearts distanced. Mishti asks what would you do being in my place. Rajshri says no, I’m thinking if Abir can encourage you , would you remain happy with him, would I love to provide another opportunity to one who hurt you so much, Abir was with you before, he is not with you now. Mishti asks if he comes back… Vishwamber says Abir will not Return





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