Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Vedika stating what if anybody doubts, its matter of some moment. She asks Kartik about his choice, which color shall we wear. He says I’m saying about your selection. She says I did not invite Naira in celebration today.

He says its alright. She thanks him and goes. He says sorry Naira, I can not see you. Dadi asks Naira what is her plan. Naira says I m prepared. She tells the strategy. Kairav comes and hugs Kartik. He wants Merry christmas. He says I love Christmas, mum and I used to enjoy a great deal in Goa. Vedika asks how is the celebration.

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Kairav says its great fun. Kartik thanks Vedika for the agreements. He says children are happy, I’m also content. She says thanks, you need to taste the icecream that I made. He says sure. Naira reads, those who walk on the path of great need not get scared, Lord is using them. She says after I know the truth, Kartik will not accept Vedika.

Vedika says Kartik is a wonderful person, he accepted me. She cries and says thanks Kartik, I will attempt to keep you happy that you don’t overlook Naira. Kartik claims the icecream is great. The family comes. Vedika thank them for coming. She believes everyone will accept me shortly. Dadi praises Vedika. Kairav says my mumma does everything shortly. Kartik makes him taste the icecream. Children make the fantasies and pray to Santa.

Kartik looks on. In addition, he makes a wish. He thinks of Vedika’s words and believes I’d no other way. Gayu sees Samarth writing a desire. He hides it. She asks him to reveal it. He says its a secret desire. She says I understand it. She shows her notice. They hug.

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They both have the exact same wish to acquire a baby girl. Naira collides with a woman and the bag gets exchanged. She looks for the woman to get her purse back. Vedika says why is Umesh coming , could not he wait for Pallavi. She sees Umesh. Vansh says my buddies did not get the caps. Vedika provides him the caps.

Kairav asks won’t Santa come in our celebration. Dadi says Santa is here. She thinks Naira has arrived. Naira comes dance as Santa. Dadi asks her to give presents to children. Kartik sees Naira. Vedika belongs to Umesh. Dadi asks everyone to dance. Naira goes to her room and cries. Kartik believes of her. Dadi says once I understand what did Vedika do, then everything will be OK. Vedika prays Umesh for food and medication.

He says , there are several expenses since the operation occurred. Naira thinks who’s he. Umesh says next time, do not delay in providing money. Vedika says you fulfill Pallavi next time, do not come here, just go. Naira records this and thinks how is this connected to Pallavi. Naira runs and drops in Kartik’s arms. She cries.

Vedika says is that Naira, surely, she arrived in the celebration. She runs after Santa. She sees Dadi as Santa. Dadi says Santa must go, I became Santa for the children. Vedika thinks that was not Dadi. Dadi says I’ve seen Vedika coming.

Vedika says I can not be wrong, that was actually Naira. Naira follows Umesh. He leaves in the vehicle. She feels the pain and tries to rush. She asks how shall I follow him, there’s absolutely not any cab here, physician denied for exertion, what to do, I will grab that guy, whatever you did with Kartik, its not right, I will get you penalized Vedika.


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