Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

Today’s episode starts with Naira from the flashback recalling about Kartik’s work. Kartik informs to Naira that in return of committing her kidney, Vedika has maintained a condition to keep in Goenka’s home being Mrs Goenka. Naira stands shocked. Kartik said he wasn’t left with any alternative. Naira stands speechless. Back to fact; Kairav comes and Naira hugs him. Kairva ask why she did not came to Goenka home, Naira says to him that she did not know.

Kairav claims to Naira to telephone Kartik to come to pick them up, as from today they all will remain together. Naira gets teary and Suhasini comes to fulfill Naira. Suhasini yells Naira and claims to Naira due to her Vedika entered Kartik’s life. She says she was not conscious in recurrence of Kidney she’ll demand Kartik.

Naira then interrupts and tells to Suhasini there is something fishy behind this kidney episode. She tells to her before leaving she transported Vedika’s medication with her. And showed her that Vedika was given multi-vitamins tab and she was given painkillers. Naira and Suhasini doubts Vedika and Pallavi and decides to expose them. Suhasini pleads Naira to rescue Kartik from Vedika’s snare.

There, Kartik hugs Manish. Meanwhile, Vedika receives a call from Pallavi and she informs her around Umesh Gupta. Vedika ask her to manage her. Pallavi says she must leave the city to get some significant work and ask Vedika to meet him and do not be scared. Suhasini overhears Vedika’s talk and educates Naira about Umesh gupta.

Here, Kairav gets excited for Christmas. At Night, Naira and Kartik remembers their minutes with one another. The duo self-talks. Further, Suhasini behaves facing Vedika and says to her that she’s accepted her for Kartik’s sake. She asks Vedika to arrange a Christmas party for Kairav and Vansh. Vedika agrees and she maintained a state facing Suhasini to keep Naira stay away from the home. Naira informs to Suhasini that she’ll disguise, as Santa and will come. (Episode Ends)


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