Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2020 Upcoming Story on

Today’s episode starts with Kartik hesitates to go near Naira. Naira calls Kartik to come close to her. Kartik sees Vedika but matches Naira. Naira ask Kartik to tell what happened to her. Naira learns that Vedika has donated her kidney to her. Naira thanks Vedika and wishes for her happiness.

Kartik about to inform Naira about Vedika’s condition but Pallavi deliberately interrupts and says to Kartik that Naira is weak so as a physician she suggest him to keep away from her.

At home; Kairav along with other family members gets excited to welcome Naira home. At Naira’s home, Naksh prepares a cup cake to welcome Vedika home. There, Kartik prays to God and ask to manage Vedika’s matter, as he thinks if he’ll inform Naira her reality she will know.

Later, Pallavi scolds a nurse for bringing Vedika’s file. Afterwards, Naira over hears nurses discuss where one nurse cite; Pallavi has given moderate injection to Vedika during operation and she has not even given any sugar to her also. Nurse says she do not know why.

Further, Goenka’s gets excited to welcome Naira and Kartik. But they get shocked learning Naira went to her house and Kartik is back with Vedika. Kairav inquire Kartik where is Naira. Manish, Surekha and other queries Kartik about Naira. Suhasini asks Kartik to bring back Naira. Kartik informs to the household that Vedika is daughter- in law of the home.

Goenka’s stand shocked. Later, Suhasini stops Kartik and Vedika and she ask Kartik if he’s done deal with Vedika in return of rescuing Naira. Kartik inquire Suhasini to let him go inside. Suhasini cries. Episode Ends with Vedika thanking to Kartik for encouraging her from Suhasini’s anger. She makes Kartik recalls all of the exemptions and says to him he can fulfill Kairav but not Naira. Kartik ask her to not replicate the clauses, as he recalls them all.

Next Week: Naira talk with Suhasini and says doctor prescribed her pain killers and to Vedika just Vitamins. Suhasini ask Naira to assist Kartik so he can come out form Vedika’s snare.


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