Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2020 Upcoming Story on

Today’s episode starts with Kartik stating to Naira that by saving your life I’m saving everyone’s life. And for that sake this is quite little thing he’s paying off. He dreams of dancing with Naira on (Teri Meri tune ). Doctor come and inquires Kartik and says to him that they need to change Naira to OT. Kartik ask Naira to assure him that she’ll return safely to him. There, Vedika learns some shocking news from Pallavi about Naira and stands shocked.

Other side, Kairav shout and Gayatri and Surekha attempt to console her. Vansh interrupts and inquire Kairav to pray to God rather than crying. The duo prays facing almighty for Naira.

Prior to going to OT; Naira and Vedika both hold Karthik’s hand. However, Kartik leaves Vedika’s hand and holds Naira. Aftrewards, physician ask Manish to perform the formality by registering on the newspaper that reads they’re well aware that operation is complicated. Kartik signs the papers.

Suhasini and Kaveri say once Naira will be they will get Kaira marry again. Kartik believes he and Naira can not become Kaira again. Doctor does the operation. Pallavi believes in her entire career she’s never seen such a surgery.

Afterwards, Pallavi notify Goenka’s that Vedika is from danger while Naira did not have consciousness back. Here, Kairav ask Gayatri to video call Kartik to learn about Naira. Kartik and Kairav speak with one another. Kartik request Kairav to pray to God.

Ahead, Kartik remembers his bargain with Vedika. Nurse informs him he can meet Naira and Vedika. Naira recalls how she met with an accident and wakes up. Naira inquires Vedika what happened to her. Vedika inquire Naira do she recall what happened to her. Naira says she recalls half. Episode ends with Naira inquiring Kartik if he’s fine. Kartik recalls Vedika’s guarantee and stands stunned.

Precap: Naira over hears nurses discuss where one of these said, Pallavi has given mile injection to Vedika during surgery and she don’t know why.


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