Episode starts with Nivedita and Mohini’s discussion Nivedita says don’t know how to react with Prerna entry . Mohini says it’s intentional act of Prerna. Anurag says to Mohini he will drop Prerna to her house. Mohini calls Prerna saying She have something for Veena. Mohini asks Prena why she entering Anurag life again and she knows her drama very well and asks her to don’t use fate for your intentions. Prerna says destiny only helping them to stay near. Mohini says I know your intentions and then they get interrupted by Anurag. Mohini gives saree to Prerna. Anurag says destiny wants them to work together it’s like we both are connected together. Mohini says Prerna it’s good of you quit the job. Anurag says he convinced her to work so he asks her to allow until he gets new secretary.

Mohini says to Sonalika youre perfect wife for Anurag and he is good but Prerna is not good. Sonalika asks Mohini to talk with Moloy if she feels Prerna is bad so Anurag will change his secretary. Mohini asks Moloy did he talk with Prerna. Moloy says yes and Prerna forgives him for sending her away from home. Mohini says it’s her decision and asks Moloy to keep Prerna away from Anurag. Moloy says Anurag is fine even after Prerna is near to him so if he remembers everything it’s easy to unite them. Mohini says than what about Sonalika. Moloy says they can’t leave Prerna because she is carrying Anurag kid. Mohini says it can be Bajaj kid. Moloy slaps her. Mohini gets shocked. Moloy says he will leave house with Anurag and Prerna if she says something in this way again.

Sonalika asks servant to inform Mohini to come to her room. Mohini gets shocked seeing pillow wall and asks Sonalika why they are sleeping on bed with Pillow wall. Komolika says their marriage happened suddenly and hints to plan honeymoon with Anurag.


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