Today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Naira explaining Kairav about what Kartik has done for him. There is no reason for Kairav to become sad and angry on him as he is the best papa in the world. She also tells that Kairav is getting things wrong here and Kartik is right. Swarna thanks Naira for what she is doing and she trusts Naira completely and requests her to talk to Kartik.

Kartik bursts out saying you were correct Naira and everytime I do something I hurt everyone since the beginning first Manish, Naira and now Kairav. Naira tries to convince him but he continues to get things out. He is very tensed and accuses himself. Naira stops him and explains everything to him and he is not to be blame for everything. Naira says I couldn’t save anything and I lost everything and the blame is all on me. It was my duty to explains Kairav that what is right and wrong. I’ve break this and now I’ll fix this.

Next day Niara says that we will explain Kairav what the truth is and we can do that. Celebrations start at the Goenka House. Vansh enters with the band exactly how Kartik entered as Jolly Singh. Everyone thinksit is Kairav but it is Vansh. Kairav then enters form another doli and everyone is shocked, he runs at Kartik and hugs him and says Happy Diwali. He says that when you protected Mumma I learned that you love her very much and then they say sorry to each other.


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