Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 6th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode starts with Parveen Concealing from Aman. Kabir’s body disappears. Aman states where did Kabir go. Parveen says that you don’t know several things, son, I will kill Aman if the star rain starts. She smiles and sees the beginning. She shoots Aman. Roshni comes there from the doorway. She yells Khan baba, run. Aman sees tens of thousands of arrows coming towards him and runs. Roshni runs . He falls down. Roshni comes between and does her magic. She receives a shield. They get stored from the arrows. Aman opens eyes and sees her. They see the shield. The stars down rain.

Roshni smiles. Kahani hamari…plays. . She says I advised you’ll need me. He says and you’ll never hear me. She states that the arrows weigh a lot. He holds the shield and states my muscles are strong. She says that my muscles are also powerful, you’re talkative, it does not mean that you talk even at risk. He says there is not any danger now, because you have come. The arrows disappear. They hold hands and chant his household motivation lineup. They hug and get close. Parveen looks on and believes rain shower has started, now I can kill Aman.

Aman feels hurt. Parveen believes I’ll take Aman’s title and take this arrow, this arrow will find him and kill him, then I shall take his heart and return to my actual form, I will select the sword and become the queen of jinnat. Aman sees the arrow coming and bends down. He gets saved. The arrow gets back to him. Aman and Roshni get shocked. Roshni utilizes her clip weapons. Aman jumps high. Roshni sees a black circle on Aman’s neck. She sees the identical mark on the sword. She asks Aman to hit the arrow from the sword. He runs into the sword and chooses it. It thunders. The arrow reaches Aman’s eye and stops. The arrow becomes cut into two halves by the blade. Parveen gets shocked.

Roshni runs and hugs Aman. Parveen gets angered and takes the Jinn avatar. Aman and Roshni see the Jinn. Roshni gets scared. Aman indicates the sword pointing at Jinn. Jinn goes away. Roshni inquires what was that. Aman says black Jinn. She asks why did he come here. He says that he came for me, Kabir and this sword. Roshni says you’ve touched the sword. He states that this power was taking Kabir into a wrong path, I don’t want to become like Kabir. She asks what will we do of the sword. He states Jinn will come after us to find this, I do not desire it, if we wish to eliminate it jinn, then we must eliminate this sword. He throws away the sword. He says black jinn, Kabir and sword also went. She says we’ll get time to spend together. He says we did not get time to understand each other.

She asks why are you saying like this. He says we did not get time to know each other well. She asks why are you raising eyebrows. He says you said your heart is connected to my heart. She says yes, I told it in easy way. He asks what is the ideal way to say. She says I did not indicate this misbehavior. He says I respect your misbehavior as love and you respect my love as misbehavior. She says no, we will go home now. He smiles. They hold hands and run through the door. The sword has selected Aman. He’s been the king of Jinnat. His world changes forever. The sword comes back.

Aman and Roshni come home. Dadi asks are you fine, what occurred there. Aman says Kabir got hit by an arrow and he vanished into black smoke, possibly black Jinn did so, nothing occurred to Kabir. Parveen thinks I’ve killed Kabir, its great if you believe so. She asks Roshni what happened to your hand. Roshni says a ordinary scratch. Dadi inquires Aman about the signal, it seems when he converts to a monster. She asks Rubina/Tabeezi what does this mean. Tabeezi inquires Aman did you touch Jinnat’s sword. Aman gets silent. Tabeezi says you did a big mistake, it could leave an impact on you. He says I’ve thrown it in atmosphere. She says its no use, you need to burn your clothes, the sword could have been proved a huge danger for you and your loved ones. The sword enters the home. Someone holds the sword and prevents it from damaging Dadi.

Parveen says and hides Aman must die if I must become the queen of jinnat. Aman changes. Roshni says you’re so slow, remove the top fast. He asks what. She states remove it fast. He says you look really restless. She says I did not mean that, why do cute eye husband get these ideas after sunset, I will clarify. She gets near him. He gets back and says you seem restless. She asks are you currently slow in everything, I will remove your clothing. He says no, you surprise each time. She says you believed just you can tease me. He says Tabeezi requested us to burn the clothing, you do not touch it. She says I need this to end soon. He asks her not to worry.

Parveen says only Ayana can kill Aman, when he becomes evil completely, I will create Aman so bad that Roshni will have no choice than to kill him. She holds the sword. She says I will sacrifice some power of my ring for this, Aman will come on bad side, only 24 hours Aman, you’re fortunate, Roshni will kill you. She smiles and starts the timer. She says only 24 hours….


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