KZK2 2nd December 2019 Upcoming Story

Episode starts with Prerna feels happy noticing the Sindhoor on her Maang. Anurag makes her wear Mangalsutra. Seeing everyone shocking faces Anurag says it happened by mistake and he just helped her to fix the Mangalsutra like friend. He questions it can’t be marriage right MAA. Mohini says yes its not. Sonalika asks Anurag to make her wear Mangalsutra. He says he lost it somewhere. Mohini says I will bring new one. Prerna smirks showing her Mangalsutra and Komolika gets angry.

Komolika bribes electrician and asks him to make Prerna to get electric shock. Electrician agrees. Anurag reminds his moments with Prerna and thinks I’m feeling like there is something between us. Sonalika says i don’t like Prerna because I feel she is trying to be close with Anurag to Nivedita and Asks her to make Prerna bring orange juice for her. Nivedita agrees and asks Prerna to bring juice for her. Prerna agrees saying you’re like my elder sister.

Electrician says work is done to Komolika. She asks him to go. Anurag asks Nivedita why she looks sad. She says I’m not feeling good to order Prerna to get juice for me. Anurag says we can correct it while making another glass juice for Prerna. They both goes to Kitchen and Nivedita prepares juice and gives to Prerna. Komolika gets angry seeing them. Prerna goes from Kitchen tuning off the switch.

Komolika thinks why Prerna didn’t get any shock. Prerna reminds how she saw Komolika with Electrician and how she escaped from Wires and how she turned off the other switch. Prerna thinks I know how to answer you in your language Komolika.

Komolika goes to check why Prerna didn’t get any shock and She gets trapped in her own plan and gets electrocuted. Anurag turns off the switch and Nivedita takes Sonalika with her and Anurag gets worried for Prerna and asks her how she is feeling. Prerna says fine. Sonalika acts like in pain to get Anurag attention. He goes towards Sonalika and questions debuda how it happened. He says its electrician work. Anurag asks him to call electrician. Sonalika gets tensed.


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