Home Kasauti Zindagi ki 2 Upcoming Story Kasauti Zindagi ki 2 : Anurag makes Sonlika apologies to Veena family.

Kasauti Zindagi ki 2 : Anurag makes Sonlika apologies to Veena family.

kasauti zindagi ki 2 upcoming story
kasauti zindagi ki 2 upcoming story

Episode starts with Basu asks driver to take him quickly to home seeing Anupam missed calls. Anurag questions Police how can they arrest lady in the night. Sonalika and Mohini everyone says they are theifs who stole their money. Anurag says Prerna can never do it, I’m sure. Sonalika says maybe she stealead money before the starting of money and suggests to search their home. Sonalika says if you trust them so much than allow police to search their home. Anurag tries to deny but Prerna asks her to search their home. Police goes to search Prerna house. Veena taunts Mohini saying you don’t deserve good people in your life and Sonalika is more cunning than Komolika and you deserve the same.

Komolika smirks and reminds how she forwarded money to Prerna house when she is busy with Mohini Basu and how she saw Anurag at their home when she went to Prerna room. Police search Prerna house and Anurag saved Rajesh pic when it’s about to fell down because of Sonalika dress. Sonalika says she will apologize to them if we won’t get money but I’m sure they are thieves.

Police says they didn’t get anything. Sonalika suggest them to search Prerna room also. Police opens cupboards and says it’s open. Shivani and others thinks how it happened and Anurag thinks I forgot to lock it. Sonalika notice him and thinks so he came to take album. He throws album to balcony. Sonalika goes and takes pics from album and keep  them in her purse. Police takes bags from cupboard, Sonalika informs it to Anurag and says they are the one who stealer the money. But she gets shocked seeing the clothes inside bag. Police leaves their house saying sorry to Prerna family. Anurag apologies to Veena and others and asks Sonalika to apologize folding her hand. She gets shocked but says sorry to Veena. Prerna suggest Anurag to search their house.



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