Kundali Bhagya 6th January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialstalk.com

The robber mentions that he doesn’t like the face of Rishab who strikes him when he goes near him, it’s Prithvi who says there isn’t any need to move as he’ll be certain he tours with his seat as he’d have driven in very large cars, Prithvi hurts Rishab which angers Sherlin, Prithvi stops believing that she’s gotten emotional when he hurts him so he’ll now even hurt her that will make the Luthra feel that she’s a really great daughter in law, Prithvi proceeds to inquire who she is to him, when he comes to understand that she’s his wife, he explains that he’ll kill Rishab everybody gets stunned to hear his aims, Prithvi then threatens to kill Rishab when Sherlin doesn’t apologize as she’s blamed him, everyone from the Luthra’s pleads with him to forgive them he forces them to pressurize Sherlin so forcing her to apologize that she dopes.

The robbers wonder what’s gotten wrong with their boss because he isn’t considering robbing them but when they’re speaking, Prithvi asks why did they stop looting all of them, the robbers explain they have looted everyone except the primary family as he’s supposed to loot themPrithvi goes to them and slaps among his group members, everybody gets stunned to see that his is hitting his own men, he explains he will be the one to break the rule so requests them to take everybody’s jewellery, one of those miracles if their boss is truly the exact same person as he believed that when he stole anything then it will cause bad luck so how can he take such a huge step. He wonders if their boss has been changed.

The actual boss comes out of the bathroom and tries to open the door but it’s jammed he therefor calls out to his group members, Prithvi hears his voice so wonders what he can do to supress it otherwise they will work against him, he platys music forcing everyone to dance with him, the true boss attempts to call his mates but he reveals it to Prithvi after he cancels the telephone, karan together with Shristhi and Preeta enters the hallway, they attempt to violate Rishab free however among the robber finds it so Sameer together with Kartika attempt to divert his attention by dancing with him, they attempt to make him forget about Rishab but when he moves and doesn’t find him there he fires at the hallway asking Sameer where’s Rishab.

Karan and Preeta take Rishab and attempt to open himhe requests karan to open it when he can, Preeta then frees him, they hear a sound coming from one of those chambers, Preeta explains that it’s the grooms room which she shut as she believed that the robbers could steal in the area that would give karan an chance to disgrace them together with their services. Shrishti agrees where Rishab asks if they’d consented to it earlier, karan cites that Preeta said the exact same thing when she was shutting the room. They hear the knocking in the area so go to examine it, they realize that they individual who’s locked inside is the true mastermind whereas the person who is in the hallway isn’t the true leader, Preeta thinks of a plan stating that they’ll go and plead with the chief who’s at the hallway to leave them as they’ve nothing more to give themKaran disagrees saying that the imitation leader has also include a plan so he won’t leave.

Karan and Preeta get in a fight meanwhile Rishab and Karan want to stop them so that they part ways, the chief comes out intending to have a course of each off his members.

The robbers are requesting of Rishab to that Sameer claims he had been dancing with him, Kartika explains he hasn’t planned correctly because when he dances then those who gets a chance will depart, Prithvi believes that Kartika is so clever as she’s hoping to make a struggle against the robbers.

Shrishti explains the plan which Preeta invented is so smart to which Preeta gets tensed as she’s repeating it over and over, Shrishti inquires how they are going to execute it then thinks they ought to call the leader to the bridal room where they will induce him to accept their demands otherwise they’ll kiss him, Preeta gets scared inquiring how they are going to battle him as he’s still a man so that they won’t be able to fight him but Shrishti is adamant stating that she can as she’s a rowdy girl.

Prithvi comes to his men then says that he’s the person who let the boy sitting on the seat go and hits him if he asks a question, then he orders his men to allow Sameer go, they get curious inquiring how did he come to know about his title.


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