In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya will be shown that Prithvi has escaped from Preeta’s house. Prithvi decides that Preeta can never forget the feeling of being Karan’s wife, so she will have to do something about it. He decides that he must kill Karan to get Preeta.

Preeta is there in Karan’s room where Karan realizes that Preeta is there. Karan takes off the gloves of Preeta’s waiter. Karan grabs Preeta’s hand and quickly learns that she is none other than the waiter. During this, both Karan and Preeta have a lot of love for each other. Today’s episode is going to be quite spicy, where on one hand Prithi is thirsty to get Preeta, while Karan is not able to forget Preeta even after wanting.

Now it has to be seen whether Karan and Preeta are able to unite despite all the difficulties. In the last episode, we saw that Srishti ruins Mahira’s makeup and waits for her while cleaning her in the bathroom.

Preeta enters Luthra House looking for Srishti. Where he is dressed as a waiter, Karan moves towards him to ask for juice. Preeta gets nervous and spills juice on her. Preeta accidentally presents herself to Karan as Preeta, though she later tells Karan that she has named her name as Pritam. At the same time, Srishti locks Mahira in the bathroom and plays loud music so that no one can hear her.


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