Kum Kum Bhagya Ep 1457 | September 23, 2019 update

Kum Kum bhagaya Ep 1457 September 23, 2019
Kum Kum bhagaya Ep 1457 September 23, 2019

In the last episode of Kum Kum Bhagya we saw that Disha was upset with Hritik. She asks him to stop using her name to get out of relationships he is doing this wrong. Shahana also gets into an argument at home with Rishi. She says she hates Rishi very much but he likes her. Priyanka and Rhea asked Abhi’s permission to go for a late night party in the town. He agrees to allow them to go if they don’t invite Rishi at the party. Purab visits Disha’s house and gets very irritated seeing Hritik at her house. He asks Disha to make Purab leave right away. Instead Disha asks Purab to stop controlling her life and leave if he has a problem with the way she lives.

In tonight’s episode, Ranbir will tell Prachi (Mugdha Chaphekar)that Rishi is not a decent guy at all and distance him. He says considering that no decent guy would want to live in the same room with another woman. Also we will see that a stranger will show up in college with Prachi’s picture with him. He will ask everyone in college if they have seen Prachi anywhere and does anyone know her. Abhi will be at home in bed and will ask Mira to check if he has a fever. Mira will initially hesitate a lot but Abhi will hold her hand and touch his forehead and neck with Mira’s hand. Will Mira end up revealing her true feelings for Abhi in the upcoming episode? Stay tuned to find out more what is coming next.


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