Kum Kum Bhagya 16 Sept Preview and Upcoming Story

Kum Kum Bhagya 16 Sept Preview and Upcoming Story
Kum Kum Bhagya 16 Sept Preview and Upcoming Story

A high voltage drama is going on in the latest episode of Kum Kuma Bhagaya. Ranveer is acting to be in love with Prachi but she is actually falling for him. Prachi becomes the victim of Riya and Ranveer’s act and comes closer to him. According to their plan Ranveer will hurt Prachi by breaking her heart when she falls in love with him. This all is the part of Prachi and Ranveer’s bet.

According to the bet, Riya will only accept his proposal if he teaches a lesson to Prachi. But the twist here is Ranveer too falls in love with Prachi and Riya is losing him and she becomes the victim of their plan. On the other side Abhi is desperate for Pragya. He is missing her very much. Will Abhi and Pragya once again come closer and spend some happy moments? In the coming episode you will see that Prachi is going to be in a big trouble. Riya leaves Ranveer’s car and starts to walk alone on the road at night. In the meanwhile, some goons harass Prachi. Ranveer will try to save her.

Also we will get to see a lot of twist in the coming episodes. Rishabh gets a job in the Fusion Beats. Pragya asks him that he told her that he got a job at Fusion Beats. That’s when Rishabh tells her that Rhythm company is a subsidiary of Fusion Beats. Pragya shockingly asks ‘with Purab Khanna’? Rishabh asks her how does she know Purab Khanna. He is Abhishek Mehra’s best friend. Hearing this Pragya starts to think of something. Ranveer is stuck badly between Prachi and Riya. Also Pragya and Abhi will be seen together. Sarita has new member in her house and Rishabh is going to bring a dramatic twist to the story.

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