Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialstalk.com

The Episode starts with Roslyn calling Rhea and asks her to check whether the girl is same who’s following her. Prachi collides with the woman. Rhea sees the other woman and tells Roslyn that the woman isn’t following her. Roslyn comes to Rhea and asks her to give money. Rhea gives her cash. Roslyn checks and says it’s less. Rhea says I must have taken some money from it. Roslyn says you should have checked before, I shot MMS for you. Rhea says she will give shortly. Only then Roslyn sees Prachi again and informs Rhea. Rhea checks and has shocked. She chooses Roslyn to lift. Roslyn says I wish to ask the woman why is she following me. Rhea says she’s Prachi, she’s following you as you’re wearing her clothes. She asks her to take locker keys and wear her clothes and leave Prachi’s clothes there.

Prachi calls Sarita behen and asks if she’d designed the similar dupatta for somebody else also. Sarita behen says no. Prachi tells that she’s seen a woman wearing her pink dress and dupatta and ask her to check in the almari. Sarita behen says she’ll check and call her. She receives a call from her customer and forgets it. Roslyn comes to Rhea and provides Prachi’s dress. She asks her to give her remaining money else she’ll ruin her picture without MMS. Rhea sees Prachi coming there and makes her fall down. Ranbir retains Prachi in his embrace. He asks if she’s fine and asks her to tell him if she drops, he’ll hold her. Rhea turns and looks at them. She asks Prachi if she’s fine.

Prachi tells him about seeing a woman wearing her dress. He informs that there might be a number of similar clothes. Prachi claims the dupatta was distinct and says she’s getting late for the lecture. She goes. Ranbir thinks they’ll be together following the lecture and provides her flying kiss after she left. Rhea comes to Pragya’s home and tells that she came to get Prachi’s notes. Pragya says Prachi is in school. Rhea says I forgot and informs that if she can use her bath. Pragya says okay and goes to make coffee for her. Rhea believes she should not have met her, thinks she gets me emotional and I want her to love me always. She comes to space, opens the cabinet and retains Prachi’s clothes, something falls down. Ranbir thinks he shall speak to Rhea.

Sarita behen comes home and sees Rhea hiding. She grabs Rhea and covers blanket on her, calls her burglar. Ranbir and Prachi are going home with Shahana from the vehicle. He asks her to speak. Prachi says she do not need to talk. Ranbir talks to her . Shahana asks Prachi why she’s getting irritated.

Pragya informs Sarita behen that Rhea isn’t a thief. Rhea says she’d have beaten me. Pragya says she’d have saved her. Rhea asks if she’ll rescue her from Prachi if the latter attempts to harm her. Pragya says Prachi doesn’t do this thing, but if she does then she’ll speak with her and will ask to not do anything.

Rhea believes Pragya is so great, doing bad with Prachi, means doing bad with her, believes if she will proceed with the MMS scandal or not. She tells that she’ll leave now. She leaves. Sarita behen inquires Pragya what rhea was performing in Prachi’s room. Pragya says she’s gone to use the bath.

Ranbir drops Prachi and Shahana home. Prachi says sorry to him. Ranbir says I’ve become mature now. Prachi says you’re not older, but that. She’s not remembering the word today. Rhea comes out. Ranbir tells Prachi he would like to say something and bends down on his knees. Prachi asks what happened, why did you sit down.

Rhea thinks if he will propose her. Ranbir thinks he will not suggest this way, tells he is linking the shoe lace and asks if there’s any cobbler here. Prachi asks him to get up. Rhea gets angry and believes she will produce the video viral, states this is the last meeting.


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