In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya , we will see that Pragya is upset and she talks to Ranbir about Prachi. Pragya tells Ranbir that she knows very well that Prachi herself has not gone anywhere but something has definitely happened to her. She says that Prachi would definitely call her before going anywhere.

After which Ranbir and Prachi start wondering where Prachi might have gone. In today’s episode, Abhi tells Aaliya that Riya has grown up but we both know that Riya is still a child and she easily gets into anyone’s talk. Abhi rebukes Alia and tells her to stop teaching Riya the wrong things and misleading her.

Hearing Abhi’s words, Aaliya thinks something in her heart, but she remains calm. Now in today’s episode, it will be interesting to see if Pragya, with Ranbir’s help, manages to find Prachi or not, what will happen after Abhi’s rebuke, Alia’s next step will be Riya forever from her father Will fix it

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw that Ranbir comes back to take Prachi. However, Prachi again argues with her and sends her back. Meanwhile, Sanju’s contract killers wait there to kill waiter Sunil. Prachi sees before her eyes the murder of the waiter. Prachi gets Pragya’s call and the killers notice her. She then runs away from the killers and tries to find Ranbir. She finds that Ranbir’s car is locked after which the kidnappers catch him. After some time, Ranbir finds Prachi’s phone in his car. He goes home to return her phone where she and Pragya suspect Prachi’s abduction.


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