Episode starts with Anurag searches for Mittal file, Sonalika changes file location and asks him why he gave leave for Prerna, maybe she can feel I’m not liking her that’s why you gave leave. Anurag calls Prerna and asks about file. She says I will come. Anurag says ok and suggest to send car for her. Prerna denies. Anurag asks her to start from home after 20min. Komolika informs this to Ronit and says she will coming to that location to witness Prerna death. Anurag thinks to surprise Prerna and he goes in car to receive her so she can’t get struck in public transport. He calls her and she says I’m coming. He suggests her to wait for him. She says fine.

Some kid cry for ball and takes that ball from dirty water. Prerna asks him to leave it otherwise he will fell sick. Ronit shows Prerna to driver saying she is our target. Driver says how to kill pregnant lady. Ronit scolds him and says I will give 5lakhs for this work. Driver agrees. Komolika comes to same location, she calls Ronit and wishes hum all the best. Kid pulls Prerna back when truck about to hit her.

Anurag comes out from car and Komolika gets shocked. Anurag and Prerna smile seeing each other. Ronit truck hits down Prerna. Prerna falls. Anurag gets shocked. Driver stops the vehicle without moving the truck. Ronit scolds him to start the vehicle but driver says She is pregnant. Komolika calls Ronit and asks them to leave before Anurag caught them.

Everyone gathers around Prerna and Anurag asks Prerna to open her eyes. Prerna opens her eyes and says this accident is intentionally planned one to kill her and her kid. Ronit throws driver to otherside and drives the truck by himself. One of the lady from Croud is doctor and she handles Prerna. Anurag follows the truck. Later Anurag gets tempo and but no one inside it. Anurag gets worried for Prerna and moves from that place.


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