Episode starts with Prerna asks Anurag to check the study room once again for Money. Anurag agrees. Moloy scolds Mohini and Nivedita for blaming Rajesh family. Anurag and everyone enters Basu house. Moloy apologies to Prerna and she says it’s not needed because Anurag has supported her. Anurag says they didn’t get any bag at Prerna house and they are innocents. Mohini and Nivedita gets stunned. Anurag asks Police to search their house. Police informs they got the money suitcase. Everyone goes and Prerna mocks Komolika saying you got another shock and you didn’t check it properly so now you have to bear the insults. Prerna says to Komolika I saw you while you’re taking the impression of key in the soap so I got to know your plan so I changed money to another box to involve in your own trap.

Prerna says you behaved and insulted my mom exactly like Komolika and now your truth will come out very soon. Police asks Mohini to check their home from next time before calling the police. Moloy asks Sonalika to asks apologies from Prerna. Sonalika says sorry and leave the place. Moloy hugs Prerna and Anurag smiles seeing them.

Shivani praises Prerna for trapping Komolika in her own plan. Shivani says I felt happy when Anurag makes Sonalika to say sorry.Ronit asks Komolika what happened. Komolika gets mad and informs about her insult in Basu house. Ronit promises to kill Prerna in the next morning.

Anurag calls Prerna and asks her to take leave. Prerna agrees. Sonalika gets stunned thinking how will Ronit implement his plan. Anurag gets call and he searches for Mittal file. Komolika asks Ronit to drop the plan. He suggests its best day to implement their plan because everything bis ready. She says I will try.


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