Episode Starts with Mohini Anurag discussion Mohini informs Anurag about their Honeymoon plan. He tries to deny. Anurag promise to give time to Sonalika but denies Honeymoon trip saying about his responsibility towards new company. Mohini asks if he ever wants to go Honeymoon which kind of place he likes to go. Anurag says his room is most comfortable. Mohini says she will decorate their room for honeymoon.

Mohini informs Anurag answer to Sonalika. Sonalika asks Prerna to decorate her room for Suhaagraat. Prerna says sorry, I can’t do this and I’m Anurag secretary not decorator. Mohini asks Prerna to decorate their bed. Prerna agrees and knows about Sonalika choice of flowers for decoration. Prerna enters Anurag bathroom to clean lamps and she gets shocked with his presence and Apologies for her behaviour. Anurag says it’s fine and asks her whats the need of extra work. Prerna says she is going to decorate his room. Anurag asks if she like to work extra in her pregnancy state. Anurag asks Prerna where is her husband. Prerna says he is with me and she wants to work for her Family to keep them away from stress because they done so much for her. Prerna says he is not with me otherwise I will know how much he care and loves me.

Anurag talks with Prerna baby bump saying her mom is so strong. Anurag says I think it’s girl and Prerna reminsces Anurag previous words. And says they will know after birth. Anurag says it’s gonna be girl like you. While cleaning glass lamp Prerna gets hurt and Anurag bandages her cut and helps her in cleaning.

Sonalika asks Anurag whether he likes the plan or not. Anurag says what’s the need to asks Prerna to decorate the room when they have servants. Sonalika asks him to talk with Mohini because it’s her idea. Anurag says leave it. Prerna decorates room and thinks she will get Anurag one day once he remember their past. Sonalika asks her to decorate quickly. Seeing Prerna working on stool Anurag helps her to decorate the room. Both fell on bed by mistake. Sonalika gets angry seeing them. Anurag asks Sonalika to don’t give any work to Prena and asks Prerna to be careful. Sonalika says sorry for giving work and Thanks her for Decorations.


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