Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7th January 2020 upcoming story on serialstalk.com

Episode begins with Komolika says Viraj would like to hold your hands Prerna and assisting youis just normal reason, am I correct Viraj. He leaves her hands and smiles. Komolika takes Prerna with her and says after this Tilak service is over than you’ll be out from this home and our life. Prerna says Anurag love for me will not change.

Komolika says last night Anurag got one dream and one unidentified girl is moving far out of his life and I know who’s she and his subconscious mind also accepting your seperation. Prerna reminds her fantasy and says I got same dream and we’re connected with heart and your dream of our breakup will not get fulfilled, he’ll remember everything.

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Komolika gets worried about Prerna and Anurag dreams and believes what if the fantasies gets inverse in life and they get united. Anurag meets Prerna. She asks what is this. Anurag says it is Tilak Ka thaali for pooja. Anurag asks are you happy. Prerna asks are you happy. Anurag smiles and says we do not have answer currently but you’ll be happy. Prerna says I’m happy when my husband recover his memory.

Anurag says even I did not recall my past and you are not showing your husband pics perhaps he’s my friend so that you’re keeping his info from me so I did not hurt. Prerna says for this you bought me new groom. He says no I purchased new family. She says we must made it family. He says noone can win more than you. She states but I dropped even after winning. He states that which you lost tell me.

Anurag ties Kaala dhaga for her defense and a few kumkum from Anurag hand fell on her Maang. She notices and smiles. Anurag states Prerna your Mangalsutra. Prerna says I will not remove it until I marry someone it is special. He says you are connected to someone who didn’t even remember that your connection.

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Prerna get tears and reminsces their previous moments. Komolika gets worried seeing Anurag coming out from Prerna space and thinks to found if he recover his memory or not. Komolika spoils Anurag shirt and believes he will not go downstairs and Rasam will end and that he will not receive any memories.

Mohini says I am happy. Veena says not over me as my daughter is going on in her life with great individual. Mohini says remember Anurag purchased this rishta. Veena says that he can win anybody’s hearts that is why Prerna loves him madly. Mohini says will you take pregnant woman rishta for Mahesh, you won’t so accept it and thank me.

Veena says I beg God to keep you away from us. Veena warns her attempts to move but she slips and Viraj takes her slipper and enables her to wear it. Veena says you are daamad, he says I am like your son and holding your toes means I’ll get blessings.

Anurag gets worried seeing his apparel and hunts another dress. Komolika says your presence isn’t important. He states Prerna will search me I must be a part of it. Komolika takes out chunri and asks how it is? He recalls a few flashes. She believes did I do some mistake by revealing this chunri.


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