Kasautii Zindagii kay 6th January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialstalk.com

Episode starts with Viraj says Anurag is two incomplete folks are able to finish their life as well as I did not forgot my spouse and Im consented to marry only for my parents, do not know if we marry or not if we marry I feel I will receive my lost child through you and that I shall become his dad and loved ones. When she about state about Anurag, servant asks Prerna about Veena medication. Prerna gets tensed. Viraj says that I will godownstairs fast and provides medicine to Veena.

Veena feels better after having pills still Viraj calls his buddy to test Veena condition. Veena says Anurag I will never forget your help for bringing great match. Komolika says we must inquire Viraj and Prerna answer. Viraj says yes. Veena asks Prerna to reply. Prerna says yes. Everybody’s feels happy and Suman and others gives sweets to everyone. Komolika congratulate Prerna hugging her and says Your chapter is finished within my Anurag life. Goodbye.Viraj mother says we’ll talk with Pandit for upcoming purposes. Veena says ok.

Mohini says expect Viraj family takes Prerna match. Nivedita says that they will and Anupam,daddy aren’t here to make drama. Mohini says but she’s Pregnant that is why I believe they won’t accept. Anurag informs Viraj and Prerna game is confirmed. Mohini happily hugs him and inquires about aashirvad ceremony. Komolika says they tilak/roka rasam. Mohini says yes and asks Anurag to invite Prerna and Viraj family to their home for Tilak rasam since you’re the person who pioneered their shubarambh.

Komolika comes to Prerna and says I know youre surprised to see me but I came here to give you great news about your tomorrow Tilak rasam with Viraj. Prerna stays silent. Once Viraj makes you wear the mangalsutra than your love with Anurag your infant link will be over and you’ll be away from Anurag after Tilak rasam will occur. And even in case you would like to get near him than Anurag will not let and he distant himself . Shivani comes to Prerna and says Anurag cane here to meet you. Prerna says see Komolika, he came for me,perhaps he realised the error to organize my Union with another one since he’s my husband. Komolika says that he came with me to invite your family for Tilak rasam.

Veena informs Anurag done all arrangements for Tilak rasam to Prerna. She states sounds like I make you worry about me that is why you wish to separate from me fast. Veena says why are you speaking this way, we’re happy. Anurag says we will arrange this rasam in Basu vada. Komolika provides saree to Prerna saying it is present from Mohini. Prerna panics after getting fantasy of her breakup with Anurag. Anurag also gets same fantasy and Komolika asks him what happened, he says I feel as though somebody close to me is leaving me. Komolika asks him to get relaxed and believes it could be Prerna.

Anurag asks where’s Baba we did not inform him Mohini says Nivedita will know when he’s coming back. Anurag thinks I must feel happy but why I am feeling strange. Nivedita says they takes some time to comeback.
Moloy comeback and inquires Anurag why these structures. Anurag says hope you’re not kidding,where’s Anupam. Nivedita intervenes and says Anupam will arrive in the evening and attempts to take Anurag with her. Anurag says Baba you need to be in each rasam and informs about Prerna Tilak with Viraj. Moloy gets shocked and face Mohini. She says that I did not involved in this and it is Anurag idea. Moloy says you seems more joyful m she says .
Anurag and Komoliks receives Viraj and Prerna families. When Prerna about to slide, Viraj holds her. Anurag takes his hands back and appears on.


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