Kasautii Zindagii kay 3rd January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialstalk.com

Episode starts with Prerna yells and Shivani questions why you approved this union. Prerna says I care for Maa and completed this after seeing her illness and you know Komolika supporting this. Shivani says Komolika would like to eliminate you from Anurag lifetime and need to become Mahan Infront of Anurag. Prerna says I will make Viraj won’t marry me, I can not say anything to Anurag but I could reveal the reality to Viraj. Maa can not do anything if Viraj denies with this alliance.

Veena checks arrangements fro groom household. Anurag arrives with the Komolika, groom and his loved ones. He introduces Viraj and everybody to Veena and she’s happy and goes to attract Prerna. Veena praises Viraj along with his loved ones and asks Prerna to wear decent saree but Prerna stands quietly. Veena says a mother could feel what is good and I believe this union can help you for brand new start of life for pleasure and asks Prerna to prepare.

Anurag says everything is occurring because of Sonalika. Veena thanks her. Komolika believes how Anurag makes her apologize to them, today he maketgem thank her hissab barabar. Komolika says Im doing so make Prerna happy so Anurag will remain happy, she goes to meet Prerna.

Komolika says fine saree. Prerna asks how do you believe this sort of plan. Komolika says I thought to make you characterless in his eyes and than I said I trust him and ask him to give you new life. I can never search decent match but Viraj game is in fact great and more classy than your amounts and I just want you to stay far from Anurag and my life. Your destiny is bad that is why your child dad would like to make your punarvivah. Prerna asks her to stop. Komolika says hello baby your daddy is making your mother marry another dad, bye Prerna.

Prerna comedowns from stairs and wishes everyone. Veena introduces Prerna to everybody and says we aren’t rich but Prerna is our Pride and atleast thats what we could give. Viral notice her tension and takes Veena hand and asks her to get unwind and you are giving your daughter and her child and I do not need more than that and they’ll complete my loved ones. Anurag smiles. Viraj says how he lost his wife and kid in accident. Veena says I understand beta.

Anurag says it is happy to see two broken spirits are uniting. Anurag asks did you guys like this game. Viraj says yes. Anurag says Prerna answer will be yes. Prerna requests to speak to Viraj alone before taking any decision. Viraj agrees. Komolika claims to Veena it won’t great if Prerna discusses her previous husband particulars with Viraj. Veena gets Panicked. Everybody makes her sit at the same location.

Prerna takes Viraj to her room and says expect you knows me. Prerna says you are looking understanding that is why don’t need to keep you in dark. Viraj asks her to get unwind. Prerna says still I really like my husband. Viraj gets shocked.




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