Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th November 2019 Upcoming Story on Serialstalk.com

Episode starts with Prerna says she only informed Anurag about her husband is far from her and will take care of her once he is back. Anurag leaves from Prerna house. Komolika gets angry and thinks how many times Anurag saves Prerna. Shivani asks Prerna why she is not sleeping. Prerna says Sonalika is not leaving my mind. Prerna says we need proofs and we may get it from Ronit house. Shivani says she knows Ronit house. Prerna asks Sivani to search proofs in his house to prove their point. Next day Prerna and Shivani enters Ronit house. Ronit went outside leaving his phone. He gets call from di Prerna asks Shivani to see the number so they can compare with Sonalika number. Prerna and Shivani hides in the balcony taking his phone. Ronit searches for his phone. Prerna gets tensed seeing Ronit getting call from Papa ji. he follows his ringtone sound and when he about to caught them Shivani throws vase to change his attention. He moves from otherside and they moves from balcony to upstairs leaving his phone. Ronit gets his phone and attends his dad’s call. Prerna and Shivani searches upstairs room. Prerna gets engagement invitation and says If Sonalika is Komolika then she will definitely attends function to complete the Bengali rituals for her brother.

Sonalika tries to help Anurag to search his file. But he leaves to search in bedroom without informing her. Sonalika gets irritated and then thinks to shop for his Brother fiancée. Ronit invites his Papa ji and maa ji to inside and they asks him to call his Di to discuss about marriage shopping. Prerna and Shivani watches them from Upstairs.

Komolika promises to Ronit saying she will attends Kajal rasam and fulfills her duty. Shivani and Prerna discuss about Komolika and Prerna gets call from Anurag. Anurag asks Prerna whether she is fine or not. Prerna asks why you worry for me and my baby so much. Who am I to you?


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