Episode starts with Shivani takes Prerna to Parking place where she saw Sonalika with Ronit. Shivani asks what about Sonalika’s face. Prerna says they never got Komolika body from river, maybe Komolika underwent a plastic surgery. Prerna notice Sonalika talking with waiter and says to Shivani maybe she misunderstood. Ronit notices chandlier above Prerna. Ronit cuts the rope. Anurag sees Swinging chandlier Anurag runs to save Prerna. The chandelier falls and Anurag saved her moving the chair. Anurag says nothing will happen to her when he is with her and he will take care of her. Komolika takes Ronit to outside and hides him in car dickey. She turns her face seeing Anupam acts like getting vomiting. Anupam asks her is everything ok. Komolika says because of suffocation in the venue she is getting vomiting feeling. She asks him to inform others because she is leaving the venue.

Anupam thinks something is wrong. Anurag says to Prerna and Shivani, he will drop them. Komolika gets angry thinking Prerna escape. She stops the car hearing Ronit shouts to stop the car. Komolika shouts on him for not finishing Prerna chapter. Ronit asks her to calm down. Komolika brings her pistol and aim at Ronit. He gets scared. Prerna asks Anurag to take another route. Anurag says but your house is left side. Prerna says they are staying in their. Ronit requests for another chance. Komolika gives him gun and asks him to use it for Prerna. Anurag car stop being Komolika car and she gets shocked seeing them and asks Ronit to hide.

Anurag enquiries whats she doing here. Komolika says small repair and moves from that place in car. Veena gets surprised seeing Anurag with Prerna. Anurag asks Veena why he feels she angry on him. Veena hugs him.



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