Episode starts with Prerna thinks if Sonalika is Komolika than she will react. Prerna follows Sonalika secretly. Sonalika gets irritated because server touched her stole and thinks she don’t like when someone toch her clothes with tidy and gems filled hands than she burns it with lighter. Prerna notice her behaviour and thinks Sonalika exactly reacted like Komolika and how it happened when Komolika is dead.

Mohini asks Sonalika where she went and then praises her for dance performance. Nivedita asks Sonalika to come with her because her friend mom want to meet her. Sonalika says she have urgent work. Anurag sees Sonalika and asks her to wait.

Anurag asks Prerna to dance with him. Prerna agrees and dances with Anurag and reminds their past moments. Sonalika gets mad seeing them and Shivani notice her and thinks she can be Komolika because she is not liking Prerna with Anurag.

Sonalika warns Ronit to stay away from Shivani and mutual parties. Ronit asks her to calm down and says he don’t know they will be part of Vishal Sangeet. Shivani searches for Sonalika and notice her with Ronit. Komolika says they have to something to Prena. Ronit says we burnt her house and send her from Basu house, what else we shall do. Komolika says we have to finish Prerna Sharma. Ronit asks her to don’t take risk and says he will kill Prerna.

Anurag gives drink to Prerna and asks her to drink it for baby. Prerna takes it says she want to eat Rasgulla. Anurag asks is her husband Bengali. Prerna agrees. Anurag ask her about her husband location saying he want to meet him. Prerna says he is working out of city. Komolika asks Ronit to kill Prerna today itself. Shivani inform Prerna their doubt is right and Sonalika is Komolika.


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