Kasautii Zindagii Kay 20th November 2019 Upcoming Story

Episode starts with Sonalika says its my mistake, I was going to take phone. Anurag says but Prerna must be careful for kid. And asks Prerna to go home. Prerna gets suspicious on Sonalika and thinks she can be Komalika. Anurag asks Sonalika to be careful and what if Preens gets hurt in the morning. Sonalika says still he is thinking about that incident. Anurag says yes and asks her to take more precautions. Komolika thinks to do something.

Next day early morning Prerns gets Anurag call. Anurag says I couldn’t sleep last night, I was thinking of you and your baby and apologies for his yesterday behaviour and says he feels responsible for her and her kid when they are in his house because he loves kid and that’s why protective towards her baby. Prerna says I know. Anurag asks her to be careful. Komolika overhears their convo and thinks this baby is the reason that can unite Prerna and Anurag, I will get rid of every reason.

Prerna says to Shivani how Anurag saved her and cares for her. Prerna says Sonalika is behind her yesterday accident and she feels Sonalika is Komolika. Shivani calls Sonalika and asks her bank and aaddhar because her number is selected by their bank for loan. Sonalika says cut the crap she knows about Fraud calls and cuts the call. Komolika thinks she can use Basu money if it’s needed even if it’s lottery she can’t claim because her details are in Komolika name. Shivani gets call from her friend vishal who invites her for Sangeet. She confirms saying will attend with Prerna.

Basu family and Prerna at same Sangeet function. Komolika and mohini gets upset seeing Prerna. Sonalika asks Anurag to dance with her and she dances with him using her sensuous moves.


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