Kasautii Zindagii kay 1st January 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialstalk.com

Episode starts with Veena says I know what you are thinking Prerna Hope you alter your choice. Next morning Anurag asks did Viraj Bharadwaj arrived for me. Receptionist says he’s awaiting you in the cottage. Viraj enjoys the bridge view from cottage.

Anurag meets Viraj and they wishes eachother. Anurag apologies for cancelling yesterday appointment. Viraj says that is fine I got yet another new choice to introduce to you to address your publication issues and they both discusses Project. Anurag says it is good.

Prerna asks receptionist about Anurag and she proposes her to wait until the end of meeting to fulfill the Anurag. Sonalika attempts to go to Anurag cottage but Prerna stops her. Komolika inquires Shanaya who am I.

Shanaya says wife of Anurag. Komolika says I am Malkin and cane to swap our telephones and asks Prerna to bring her telephone from Anurag. Prerna says I will not work for you.

After end of this interview Komolika sees Viraj leaving and asks Anurag he’s Viraj and banker right. He says yes. Komolika says Viraj is ideal match for Prerna and suggest Anurag to converse with Prerna. He feels uneasy and leaves the cottage.

Nivedita hears everything from outside and enters cottage and asks Sonalika why you wanted to Prerna to wed. Sonalika says she can busy with her family leaving me and Anurag. Nivedita praises Sonalika idea.

When Prerna feels dizzy, Viraj holds her. Anurag sees Viraj taking care of Prerna and reminsces Sonalika advice. After Viraj abandoned Prerna notice Anurag and they smile at eachother.

At night Anurag believes to know about what makes Prerna feel great and calls her. Prerna cuts the telephone while lifting. Anurag believes why she cuts the telephone. Prerna believes he cut the telephone feeling awkward and I believe he will remember everything and marry me .

Next day Anurag arrived to Veena place with Shagun and ring. Everyone gets surprised. He chooses Aarti and reveas he purchased rishta for Prerna for new start. Shivani informs Prerna that Anurag came to requests her hands for union.

Prerna feels happy believing he gonna meet his promise and goes downstairs. Anurag says I am fulfilling my promise Prerna and I will understand you right. Prerna says yes.

Anurag says people can judge but I do not care of them and do you trust me . Prerna nods yes and believes Anurag would like to leave Sonalika because he loves me and would like to marry me, other people can think I am breaking his union but I do not care. Veena and everybody smiles.

Anurag says now you are my obligation Prerna and you promised me to take my own decisions for you. Prerna says yes. Anurag says that is why I came to asks your hands Prerna for second marriage and are you prepared. Prerna says yes thankfully. Anurag says I understand it asks Prerna to wed Viraj and prerna and everybody gets shocked.

Precap — Anurag says Viraj is excellent man and asks Prerna to marry him. At room Veena states I believe this game is right for you. Prerna says you understand about my baby father and he stands at home forgetting the past. Veena says perhaps he will not remember his past forever. Anurag asks Suman about Prerna husband. Nivedita explains to Mohini it is great if Prerna marry someone so she’ll leave us. Prerna agrees for Marriage proposal.


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