Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th November 2019 Upcoming Story on Serialstalk.com

Episode Starts with Anurag works on a laptop. Sonalika closes it saying today is their suhaagrat. Anurag says I know. Than Sonalika tries to kiss him. He moves away saying he is feeling Awkward. Prerna thinks she is feeling jealous and Pray to Durga ma to stop their Suhaagrat. Sonalika acts like her leg is hurt and Anurag helps her. She makes him fall on bed with her. Komolika tries to force herself on Anurag using the situation. He pushes Komolika saying something is burning. He switched off lights and asks Sonalika to get relax until he will fix the short circuit problem. Sonalika gets mad and Spoils the decoration thinking Prerna done this intentionally.

Prerna gets shocked seeing Sonalika at their house. Sonalika questions why she burned their suhaagrat bed using short circuit. Prerna says she don’t know how it happened. Sonalika says you’re a lier. Prerna recalls Komolika words. Sonalika says Anurag is her husband and asks Prerna to stay away from him otherwise she gonna ruin her. Prerna gets stunned thinking avout the similarities in Sonalika and Komolika’s behaviour.

Sonalika says Mohini her Suhaagrat gets spoiled because of short circuit. Preens overhears them and Mohini notice Preens outside the door. Mohini asks Prerna to apologise for burning the bed. Prerna moves inside room without saying Anything. Sonalika thinks something is running on Prerna mind. Sonalika asks Prerna why she is spying on her. Their convo gets interrupted by servant informs Sonalika to meet Mohini.

Prerna searches Sonalika wardrobe to get some clues.Anurag sees and asks her what she is doing. She manages saying for saree. Anurag asks her do only his work. Sonalika asks her to for work. Prena trips because of Sonalika leg and Anurag holds her and scolds Prerna to take care of child.


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