Home Kasauti Zindagi ki 2 Upcoming Story Kasauti Zindagi ki : Komolika plans to kill the Prerna baby.

Kasauti Zindagi ki : Komolika plans to kill the Prerna baby.

kasauti zindagi ki 2 upcoming story
kasauti zindagi ki 2 upcoming story

Episode starts with Anurag reach accident spot and request Prerna to open her eyes. Komolika smirks seeing Prerna condition and leaves from that place. Anurag takes Prerna to hospital. Nurses take her to ICU. Anurag request doctor to save her. Nurse asks Anurag to complete the paper work because it’s Accident case. Nivedita says Basu publication will became one of the top companies in India very soon. Mohini says Yes and Komolika joins them and asks for Rasgulla to celebrate this happiness. Ronit calls Komolika and says don’t celebrate, I have seen Prerna in the ICU. Komolika rushes outside. Veena cries Knowing Prerna accident. Anurag waits outside the Prerna room and thinks why everything related Prerna is affecting him. He enters ICU and asks the condition of Prerna. Doctor says baby and Prerna are fine asks him to wait outside.

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Komolika scolds Ronit for how can Prerna is safe. Ronit says it’s happened because of Anurag and Suggest Komolika to use his friend to kill Prerna who is working in the same hospital  Dr somesh.  Doctors asks nurse to bring o- blood for Prerna. Komolika offers money to Somesh to make Prerna unconscious and kill her unborn baby. Somesh agrees. Anurag gets Moloy call and Moloy says Anupam and me are waiting for you. Anurag informs him about Prerna accident. Moloy gets stunned and asks about hospital name. Anurag says they are at city hospital.

Anurag talks with doctor about Prerna.  Somesh enters ICU. He injects one injection. Anurag enters the ICU asks what’s he doing and Somesh hides abortion injection says I came for normal observation. Anurag says Dr Kumar is handling this case and I can’t allow others and when Anurag tries to call the doctor. Somesh leaves from that room saying I will inform authority you will need only Kumar. Somesh informs he can’t. Ronit scolds him. Somesh says she will be unconscious for another 2 hours but he didn’t kill the baby because of that guy near her. Komolika asks Ronit to leave him. Ronit says what we have to do now. Komolika says I will do.



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