Beyhadh2 6th December 2019 Upcoming Story on

Today’s episode of Ati 2 will show that Rudra is to stay with Maya for the next three days. At the moment, Rudra seems trapped in Maya’s trap. Burning in the fire of revenge, Maya puts a condition in front of Rudra that he will have to spend the next three days with her. Rudra signs the agreement without thinking.

Unaware of Maya’s plan, Rudra is very happy with the deal that now he will not need to withdraw too much money. Rudra tells Ananya about this whole deal. After which both of them try to think on what Maya wants from her and what she is going to do in these three days.

Now in the coming episodes it will be interesting to see how Maya uses these three days to return to Mrityunjay Roy’s family. Does Maya want to get information about Rudra from her family? Or his target is Rudra’s brother Rishi. At the moment, Maya is weaving a net around the sage, in such a situation it will not be easy to save the sage.

At the same time, MJ Roy believes that someone has tried to harm Rishi and Rudra. He wants to know who that person is. He is also not happy that Rudra has found an investor for his business because he wants no third to come between him and Rudra and invest in his son’s company. After which Maje Roy asks Aamir to find out the investor and cancel the deal.

At the same time, in the last episode of Extreme 2, it was shown that the sage appears to be completely lying on Maya. He seems to have become completely mad at Maya’s love. MJ Roy, on the other hand, feels good to see both his sons happy.


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