Beyhadh 2 preview December 9, 2019, Jennifer Winget: In Extreme 2 , Maya is seen crossing all limits to take revenge. In today’s episode of Extremely 2, it will be shown that seeing the change in the nature of Rudra, his father Mritunjay Roy, ie MJ, gets upset. MJ wants to know who that person is because of which Rudra is behaving strangely.

Today’s episode will show MJ Roy talking to Aamir about Rudra. MJ Roy tells Aamir to find out all the people from whom Rudra is getting these days. Aamir assures MJ Roy that he will solve his problems forever.

At the same time, Rudra also seems to be fascinated by Maya somewhere and he feels that something may happen but one day Maya will definitely take his life. Today’s episode will show that when Rudra goes to meet Maya, Maya starts falling from the elevator. Rudra is shocked to see Maya falling and rushes to save him.

Now in today’s episode, it will be interesting to see if Rudra can save Maya or he loses his life in the process of saving Maya. At the same time, in the last episode of Ati 2, it was shown that MJ Roy has got the idea that someone is trying to harm his sons Rishi and Rudra. At the same time, he was not happy that Rudra has found an investor for his business because he wants no third to come between him and Rudra and invest in his son’s company.

MJ Roy is oblivious to the fact that the sage is completely getting pummeled on Maya and if the sage is not stopped as soon as possible, then MJ Roy may be lost to his beloved son Rishi whom he loves dearly. Lie.


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